J. Martin Sproul, Principal

Martin Sproul earned his BA from Harvard College in 1976, where his studies focused on intellectual history. In December of 1979, he received his JD degree from the University of California at Berkeley, the Boalt Hall School of Law. He became a member of the California State Bar in May of 1980. For thirty + years, Martin has represented numerous individuals and companies in litigation in both state and federal courts. The main focus of his practice is defense and prosecution of civil actions in state courts located in the San Francisco Bay Area; he also appears in the Los Angeles area courts and in courts throughout Northern California. Martin has long been a member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association.

While each case receives Martin's personal attention, he also utilizes the services of experienced attorneys who are 'of counsel' to Sproul Law Offices. Martin assigns such attorneys based upon a good match between their background (for example, in insurance defense, subrogation actions, or complex multiparty litigation) and the demands of the case at hand. With rare exceptions, Martin personally handles trial, mediation or arbitration. At present, Martin is regularly assisted by attorneys Judy Cornels Love and William A. Hickey. Monique Young, a real estate broker licensed by the State of California, brings her professional skills to cases handled by Sproul Law Offices, particularly on the significant amount of cases involving real estate issues.

For the past several years, Martin has served on the Board of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a frequent speaker on subjects pertaining to the world history of philosophy, religion and spirituality, with a particular focus on traditional and modern practices for health and realization in Asian, Indian and European cultural contexts. He has lead and facilitated numerous seminars, classes and weekend retreats, and writes on film and literature. He enjoys skiing, travel and backcountry wilderness exploration.

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