We offer help for insurers and insureds

Throughout his 30+ year legal career, Martin Sproul has represented insurers, their insureds, privately insured companies and government entities, insurance brokers and brokerages, and insurance underwriting managers. Insureds appreciate knowing that their defense rests in competent, experienced hands. Individuals have hired Martin directly, for new matters, following a case on which he was appointed as their attorney by their insurer.

Insurers appreciate his strategic, cost-effective, and efficient defense of cases. Martin gives his clients the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions, via regular reporting and counsel, from initial case analysis and assessment through trial or settlement. He has ample experience handling complex multiparty cases that give rise to intricate indemnity, subrogation and conflicts issues, and in such litigation he will apply creative and effective litigation resolution approaches.

Insurers and their insureds can rest assured of the quality of services provided under their policies. Each case taken on by Sproul Law Offices receives Martin Sproul's personal attention and a careful, customized work-up in preparation for trial or other resolution. The Sproul Law Offices team has the experience to know what best serves to efficiently position a case for successful defense or resolution, budgeting in such a way as to accomplish what is necessary to prepare.

Insurers of sophisticated clients with large risk exposures, such as commercial property owners, developers, or other clients with extensive contact with the public, appreciate Martin's long experience in working with such clients. These insurers and their clients know that they are receiving superior representation that will enhance their own reputation for care, good faith, sound risk management, and doing business with integrity.

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