Sproul Law Offices handles a number of specific areas of real estate practice.

We have regularly represented individual homeowners, owners of rental and commercial properties, and homeowners associations in cases arising out of drainage problems, flooding, landslides and land subsidence. In addition, we are experienced in the trial of cases involving inverse condemnation, such as where a private citizen's property is harmed by public drains or roads that have fallen into disrepair.

We frequently represent owners of commercial properties, including shopping centers and malls, in complex litigation involving commercial leasing, property damage, premises liability, indemnity issues and construction disputes. Other cases handled by Sproul Law Offices involve partial or total destruction of property from fire or flood. We have also represented parties in disputes arising out of property losses during escrow, or due to faulty construction. Disputes over the purchase or sale of real property also figure in our practice. Cases we have litigated concerned disputes over easements, encroachments, and various issues of title. While we do not normally initiate or defend foreclosure actions, we do handle cases arising out of the procedures involved in obtaining possession of property, and concerning claims about habitability or wrongful eviction.

We offer expert guidance in homeowner association governance, including comprehensive updates and overhauls of out-of-date governing documents. We give skilled, current advice and support with both typical and unusual legal interpretive and governance issues facing associations. We also assist boards in dealing with the community concerns and political issues that arise in connection with elections, revision of governing documents, and the adoption, application or elimination of rules and restrictions. In the role of advocate and counsel to boards, as in the mediation of homeowner disputes, we help repair divisive rifts in the community and enable association members to realize together the benefits and higher standards of living that good governance can create and maintain.

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